What kind of music do you play?

If I were to classify it into one style, I would say Smooth jazz, but I also throw in a few other styles from time to time as well such as fusion, R&B, and house. Check out some of the demos on the site for examples.

Who are your main influences?

Grover Washington Jr. was the main artist who gave me a reason to start learning the smoother styles of jazz. Other artists include, Gerald Albright, Paul Taylor, Kim Waters, Boney James, Jeff Lorber, Bob James, and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

What are the brand of instruments that you play and what type of reeds?

I am currently playing on a Yamaha Tenor Sax YTS-52 with a Beechler mouthpiece and La Voz reeds, Cannonball Soprano Sax with a Dukoff 7 mouthpiece and Hemke reeds, Giardinelli Alto Sax with La Voz reeds, and a Roland VA-7.